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Strategic Marketing for Aspiring Brands

Our core purpose is to help our clients grow. To expand their customer base, build on their brand awareness, continuously carve out market share, and maximise revenue.

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What We Do

KENAZ helps your company grow, expand your brand and drive your sales.

We help small and big companies to grow, generate leads and increase sales.

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How not to waste your budget

Its all about their pains, and how to make it better

And yours. What are your pains and struggles?  We establish your value proposition, what you solve, and for whom, then how to maximise that, we learn to understand your ideal client, and what their pains are, why it is a pain and how you resolve that. Once we know you can genuinely solve problems and soothe pains for a certain client, we quantify in detail who exactly your ideal client is.  We build an avatar, or avatars of Your ideal clients. Then we figure out where and how to find those specific clients, and finally, how exactly to speak with them, how to convey Your message, how to invite them to engage with Your company. Show them how Your very purpose is to solves their pains. We build all of this into a strategy that what we refer to as “Arrows”. 


kenaz agency arrows

The mechanics of who, where, what, how and when

Building Arrows. This is our in-house strategy in B2B laser targeted business development. It can be used, in some retail cases where an ideal customer can be “laser targeted” on demographics, and we can drive a message to that prospect. Many B2B industries qualify for this outreach service. B2C is trickier as we can only take on projects where we might, for example,  promote a wine estate’s accommodation and boutique wine club to a segment of affluent professionals, or a premium consumer item can be driven to a specific market segment we CAN target. Some B2C environments do not work. Talk with us, let’s see if we are a good fit and how we can help your market share grow. 



The 7% must do magic

The right Words and balance of words are critical

Especially so online.  When 2 people speak, the 7-38-55 rule developed by psychology Professor Albert Mehrabian suggests that 93% of meaning is communicated non-verbally. Only 7% are the words, 38% is tone of voice and 55% is all body language. The 7% words are therefore critical in conveying intent and establishing rapport, enough to get to in-person.

Google and other bots do not care about body language and tone of voice. Artificial intelligence however carefully looks at the searcher’s word choices to establish “search intent” and then serve the most relevant content (results) google feels will best match the search party’s “intent”. has “pre-indexed and scored”. Google and other bots index all online content, websites, blogs, videos, everything and determines scoring values for metrics which it will use to calculate relevancy  indexes, or subject authority scores for your content.

Words, must be so carefully chosen to speak to the reader, invite the reader on a journey,  numerous journeys, start conversations, and yet the same words must provide google and other search engines what it needs in order to establish YOUR Words as most relevant and suited to the search intent, and view YOU as  suitably authoritative in your subject matter. 

There is much to this science. We are fortunate to have a word-class content writer on our team, having written for many well known global blue-chip brands. Writing for humans and for robots alike is a super-power artform, which makes all the difference. And when we laser target prospects and speak to them on your Brand’s behalf, that’s another science.

Google Presence


‘Content’  is Crucial

See our SEO Division at www.SEOForce.co.uk

With AI here, is Google and SEO still relevant?    Yes, but…

Everything is changing. Yes, Google and others are still VERY relevant and will remain so. Their very existence depends on being relevant to people, seeking information. Actually, in people finding “what they actually seek”. This means, Google and others now understand their user’s INTENT. How Google and others continue to establish what is relevant to their search users, by understanding the searcher’s intent, that is the very AI question. 

Companies fighting for their website to organically list on page 1, where seekers seldom venture beyond, has become a brutal territorial battle. Serious money is being applied to secure page 1 listings, quickly becoming the domain of high marketing budgets. The big companies just keep getting bigger. Page 1 is everything to a brand. To secure page 1 listings costs money, either in long term organic strategy or short term expensive  pay per click advertising. So, is this approach still right for your smaller business?

What is Google doing, where is it going?  Do you know?

How do YOU spend your $ £ € R effectively ?   Do you know what matters?
How to get customers which your competitors will, if you don’t?

Who is still in business 5 years from now?  You?  Or your competitors?   Act Now

SOFT START now with an advanced PRO Audit of your website. So important!



Maximising the 7%

World-class content, visuals and presentation

Three parts make up creative assets worth paying for, so they work for you.

1. Psychology…  The journey to trust and commitment to buying, to brand loyalty. 
2. Professional Visuals…   Pictures tell thousand word stories. Look the part. 
3. Online Presence… The modern world is an office in the cloud. Make it Earn its keep.
4. Content… The most important of all, blue-chips pay $1000 / hr… WHY?  Its Magic!

No boring details….  We provide world-glass graphic design, web design, words, and more, based on psychology, online strategy, content strategy, with one purpose in mind. Build!
Our graphics team create everything from identity kits, marketing collateral to packaging.

    To Build Your Brand… To Build Your Business!  



It’s all changing, again!

Playing with Technology, with Ideas.

The world changes so fast, there are newer and better way of doing things every day. 

Smarter ways of reaching people, telling stories, moving with how humanity changes. How we consume content, digest information, come to making decisions, and feel about it all.

AI tools is the next frontier, changing How people Do. We play with AI in numerous fields to see how we can focus on what works, where to spend our human-focus hours best. 

We play with AI to learn new ways of engaging with all generations, as humanity changes how it consumes, what it finds fulfilling, interesting, soothing.  We tinker in  psychology and consciousness shifts, learning about how a people’s values change, opting into what, out of what, and why. As one generation passes on and a new one enters the earning  / spending world, what is important to them, how do they invest /spend their resources and time. 

Team with us

We make your company grow, expand your brand and drive your sales

:::  download company profile pdf

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