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Detailed audit report analysing client website’s search engine presence in global organic search readiness AND actual local operational area(s). What should be done to improve effective local and global relevance for google to establish best authority scoring. A Great Help for DIY owner-website diy too.

  *£20 GBP is estimated (fluctuates). Actual charge is 500 South African Rands.

Payment via Redline WebWorks + PayFast

Why is this so important?



‘Content’  is Crucial

With AI here, is Google and SEO still relevant?    Yes, but…

Everything is changing. Yes, Google and others are still VERY relevant and will remain so. Their very existence depends on being relevant to people seeking information. Actually, in people finding “what they actually seek”. This means, Google and others now understand their user’s INTENT. How Google and others continue to establish what is relevant to their search users, by understanding the searcher’s intent, that is THE very AI question. 

Companies fighting for their website to organically list on page 1, where seekers seldom venture beyond, has become a brutal territorial battle. Serious money is being applied to secure page 1 listings, quickly becoming the domain of high marketing budgets. The big companies just keep getting bigger. Page 1 is everything to a brand. To secure page 1 listings costs money, either in long term organic strategy or short term expensive  pay per click advertising. So, is this approach still right for your smaller business?

What is Google doing, where is it going?  Do you know?

How do YOU best spend your $ £ € R?

   Do YOU know what  REALLY matters?

Do you know How to get those customers, which your competitors absolutely WILL… if you DON’T…

Who is still in business 5 years from now?  You?  Or your competitors? Request this comprehensive report urgently. KNOW your situation. Then engage our SEOForce team.

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