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KENAZ, a nordic rune which symbolises the torch as a symbol of knowledge and intellect, illumination, quest for truth, skills and abilities, creativity, art, craftsmanship and application of knowledge 

A new beginning comes about through transformation of old things and beliefs that have become worthless.

< We Are Brand Builders

Strategic Marketing for Aspiring Brands

We help your company grow, expand your market share and drive up those sales.

ATL, BTL, TTL… certainly.   We ♥ B2B, so… Perfect Laser-Targeting the “right PEOPLE”.

Sniper Squad!   But for our SEO Google Wars, its all-out battlefield for territory, dominance!

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Our Services

Our core purpose is to help companies grow. Expand your customer base, brand awareness and revenue.

Kenaz Agency helps aspiring brands achieve ambitious regional growth and across borders. We operate as a natural extension of your marketing team, seamlessly integrating international expertise in research, strategy, implementation and management into your marketing function.

In some cases, we are amenable to hybrid models where reduced costs are supplemented by revenue share, where we have genuine vested interest in your max revenue.


Who is your customer, where are they, what really matters to them, how do we place them at your doorstep. And most importantly, how do we speak to them?


Arrows is a term we use, our B2B outreach strategy, finding people who match your ideal client, segmenting and driving your value message to them?


Speaking to humans with connection and inviting partnership or purchase, and speaking to robots who must decide if you are the best choice, is an art.


Fighting for SEO page 1 on Google is now mostly reserved for big budget brands. "Organic Local" search is the future of SEO. Position Now for your sales region & actively engage


With the norm being mere seconds of attention span, every digital asset must be underpinned by clear psychological purpose, evoke feeling or action.

<   Your Brand Building Partner

Taking Hands, Building Brands

We selectively take on clients who we can genuinely help grow.

Laser Targeted B2B, B2C. Local & International

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