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Brand New Motor and Sail Catamaran Yachts

Yacht Building Company

KENAZ is formally mandated agent for a boat yard building amazing catamarans, both motor yachts and sail powered. South African quality engineering, world-class materials, with low labour rates @ Major discounts available through Kenaz.

Own a Charter. Ask us how to own 10% (or more) of a new 52ft charter motor yacht in Mauritius. Earns you income from charter all year long. Have 1 week a year for you and family wherever it is, Mauritius, Seychelles etc. Includes occupancy permit to live in Mauritius for 10 years. A great opportunity.  

Part-Own Charter

Contact Deon for further details on how to secure this opportunity, which earns you money, pays towards itself. Use your week wherever it is on charter at the time, Mauritius, Seychelles and more. 

>>  Currently 6 x 10% shares available on this yacht.

Already registered in a Mauritius company.

For technical information on this vessel and to learn more about owning part of this charter vessel opportunity…

Kenaz agency part own motor yacht charter

Sensible Yachts

Smart, Affordable, Superb Designs, 24 foot and 52 foot, sail or motor yachts. 

Our new shipyard client (partner) builds these beautiful smaller yachts in South Africa with imported world-class materials, however the local labour costs and wide exchange rates makes this superb quality vessel most affordable. Isn’t it time you secure a great deal? 

52 foot power catamaran

52ft Power Catamaran

This is the same design that is also available as part ownership in a shared charter opportunity in Mauritius. For more specifications on this model, please enquire by email. 

42 Foot Sail Catamaran

We removed the branding for now, but rest assured, you will receive a better deal through our agency than approaching the company directly. Why? Because we partnered with the manufacturer as business development and we can self determine our rev-share. 

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