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Vetted No Bullshit Genuine Tech for SOHO

** Exclusive ** - R500 Gift Card for you below

With this giftcard, now way lower price than takealot and builders.
Can you imagine needing a warranty claim after 9 months with them? Yikes!

Cost Cutter Technologies ~ for SO HO

CCT provides only a few products, the kind WE use. What we would buy for Mum. We cater to South African small offices and businesses who all struggle with the same …fill in the blank… Mostly Eskom right?.

Seriously Now: Do YOU have a genuine viable solution to keep your small or home office working through 12 hours a day of loadshedding. How about 8 hours, even 4?  Do YOU have a VIABLE coping methodology for  the next 8 years??

As hardcore techies, we know about all the solutions out there, we understand charge curve diagrams, DOD, temperature, charge currents, lithium etc etc. You will notice we only have a handful of products we recommend. What WE would buy.


Easy, Simple, Just DO IT!

We share our successes. We ONLY list top quality solutions to execs and small offices who refuse to be out of production for 6 hours a day. Tired of spending money on some snake oil clueless salesman’s promises  only to have the useless thing struggle to power a lightbulb in 6 months, or require R5000 in batteries every 6 months. Buy once, buy right, get back to work. Yes, you will see some of these products at Builders or Takealot, just know, OURS is way better priced. And have you EVER tried to claim a warranty through them after even 2 months? Good luck. Here you are safe, CostCutter is a legit  registered reseller of these Brands who engages direct with a major Distributor in South Africa, on your behalf. We get things done, now. 

We list only THREE Lithium power station  choices. Obviously the more pricey ones (blue) are better, it’s TWO or THREE times the capacity. Get that. If your budget doesn’t allow (yet) buy THIS green one (not other lookalikes). It’s Simple. If there was any better REAL value right now, it would be here as a choice.
Pick one, get back to work.

power backup unit

power backup unit

And as thank you for “meeting” CCT as genuine trusted source, this valuable gift card for you.
You are welcome to share it with family and friends.  

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